Why this blog?

DSC_0014Everyone or at least most of you have seen the movie Julie and Julia. It’s not a particularly good movie and Julie Powell seems like a terrible bitch but it did (sort of) inspire me to start this blog. Only instead of Mastering the art of French cooking I will be humbly trying to work my way through Ottolenghi, the Cookbook.

Published in 2008, it was the first collection of recipes by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, who currently own and run 3 delis and two restaurants in the best parts of London. Their story is also special, both were born and raised in Jerusalem. Israeli Yotam Ottolenghi in the west and Palestinian Sami Tamimi in the east. They met many years later in London and as they say, the rest is history or can be found by using Google.

I am a 34 year old Dutchman and am not a chef! I do cook, love it and have never had less than praise from friends and family. Why am I doing this? Partly because I am currently unemployed and want something to do, partly because up till now I have been a twat about foods I don’t know and most importantly, you have to eat, right? Why not eat great food instead of the stuff you usually make which is, lets face it, not always full of inspiration. This book was given to me for Christmas but just the cover looked too difficult to even come close. Now, after reading the book and trying one or two recipes, I am confident this project will be finished successfully.

This book has 140 different recipes including a whopping 60 different breads and pastries. The dreaded Macarons, Ottolenghi’s famous meringues with pistachio and rosewater and Champagne bonbons are just a few to look forward to. My girlfriend is complaining in advance that this will ruin her figure but hey, you have to make sacrifices sometimes.

I will not, like Julie Powell set a time limit for this project, it won’t be a recipe a day and somedays I might do two. I will however try and finish this before Christmas, nobody likes a deadline but a finish line to work towards is a good, 133 recipes doesn’t seem like much but for me this will be quite a challenge. I will post the recipes as well as the preparation description and add photos to show you how it’s supposed to look, I hope. Also I won’t be doing this front to back or i’ll be eating vegetables for the next 3 and a half weeks. For the Utrecht locals I have posted where I get my ingredients but i’m open to any tips and new addresses 🙂

As I am Dutch and so is the book so all measurements will be in metric. If you don’t use the metric system don’t fret, you can easily convert everything right here. Also translating everything will probably suck so bear with me and feel free to correct!

Thats all for now, if you have any questions regarding recipes, this blog or anything else, leave a comment or email me at theottolenghiproject@gmail.com

Buy your own copy of the book on Bol.com or Amazon


3 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. Nice challenge. I luvvv Ottolenghi.

    Maybe an open door, but Persepolis (Twijnstraat in particular, and Kanaalstraat) is a really good shop for Ottolenghi ingredients.

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